Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victim’s Family … After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

In a shocking display of disrespect, two teenage defendants accused of killing a retired police chief couldn’t contain their laughter and grins while in court. Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, were indicted on charges of murdering former top cop Andreas Probst, as well as other serious felonies. As the camera crew captured their every move, the pair covered their faces and smirked at Probst’s family while making offensive gestures. Probst’s daughter, Taylor, expressed her outrage, stating that these individuals showed no remorse for taking a man’s life and instead acted like entitled punks. The incident occurred after Ayala and Keys allegedly intentionally rammed into Probst with a stolen car while he was riding his bicycle in Las Vegas, an act they had recorded and laughed about. Both defendants are currently being held in custody without bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victim’s Family … After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

Background Information

Introduction of the Accused

In the case of the accused teen murderers, Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, the courtroom was left stunned as the accused displayed shocking behavior during the proceedings. These two individuals are facing charges of murdering former top cop Andreas Probst, along with other serious felonies. The actions of the accused during the court appearance have sparked outrage and disbelief from both the victim’s family and the public.

Introduction of the Victim

The victim, Andreas Probst, was a retired police chief who dedicated his life to serving and protecting the community. He was well-respected and loved by his family, friends, and colleagues. His tragic and untimely death has left a void in the lives of those who knew him and has sent shockwaves through the community.

History of the Relationship Between the Accused and Victim

At this stage, it is unclear what the exact relationship between the accused and the victim was prior to the incident. However, investigators are working to uncover any connections between the two parties that may shed light on the motive behind the alleged murder.

Courtroom Behavior

Description of the Accused’s Behavior in Court

During the court hearing, Ayala and Keys exhibited shocking and disrespectful behavior. Despite the gravity of the charges brought against them, both individuals were seen laughing and smirking throughout the proceedings. Their lack of remorse and inappropriate behavior in a court of law has raised concerns about their understanding of the severity of their alleged crimes.

Laughing and Smirking at the Victim’s Family

One of the most disturbing aspects of the accused’s behavior was their direct interaction with the victim’s family. As the proceedings unfolded, Ayala and Keys were seen grinning directly at Probst’s wife and daughter. This display of disregard for the pain and suffering of the victim’s loved ones only heightened the emotional distress experienced by the family members present in the courtroom.

The Offensive Gesture

To further exacerbate the pain of the victim’s family, the accused went as far as making an offensive gesture towards them as they were being led out of the courtroom. This disrespectful act showed a complete lack of empathy and compassion, adding insult to injury for those who were already suffering from the loss of their loved one.

Covering Their Faces from the Cameras

In an attempt to shield themselves from public scrutiny, the accused covered their faces with their hands as they were being recorded by cameras. While this action may be seen as a natural response to the presence of media, it further displayed their lack of accountability and remorse for their alleged actions.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victims Family ... After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

Reaction from Victim’s Family

Statement from Probst’s Daughter

Taylor, the daughter of Andreas Probst, expressed her outrage and disbelief at the behavior of Ayala and Keys during the court hearing. In an interview, she described their conduct as disrespectful and arrogant, stating that they showed no regard for the gravity of the situation. Taylor emphasized the pain caused by their actions, as it added insult to the loss her family was already experiencing.

Feelings of Disrespect and Anger

The victim’s family, along with the entire community, was deeply disturbed and angered by the accused’s behavior in court. To see them laughing, grinning, and making offensive gestures directed towards the grieving family was not only disrespectful but also deeply hurtful. The lack of empathy and remorse on display further amplified the pain and anger felt by Probst’s loved ones.

Implications of the Accused’s Conduct

The behavior exhibited by Ayala and Keys raises concerns about their character, mindset, and understanding of the impact of their alleged actions. It may also have implications for the legal proceedings and the public’s perception of their guilt or innocence. The disrespect and lack of remorse shown in court could potentially be used as evidence of their lack of empathy and disregard for human life.

Description of the Crime

Date and Location of the Incident

The alleged murder occurred on August 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The incident took place on a street in the city, where the victim, Andreas Probst, was riding his bicycle.

Details of the Stolen Car Incident

The two accused individuals were allegedly driving a stolen car at the time of the incident. It is unclear how they came to possess the stolen vehicle and what role it played in their alleged crimes.

Intentional Ramming of the Victim

According to police reports, Ayala and Keys intentionally rammed their stolen car into the back of Probst while he was riding his bicycle. This deliberate act of violence resulted in the tragic death of the retired police chief.

Death of Andreas Probst

Andreas Probst, a 66-year-old retired police chief, lost his life as a result of the intentional ramming incident. His death sent shockwaves through the community and left his loved ones devastated.

Prior Attack on Another Cyclist

Prior to the incident that took Probst’s life, the accused allegedly targeted another cyclist earlier that day. Fortunately, the first victim only suffered minor injuries. This previous attack raises questions about the accused’s motives and patterns of violent behavior.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victims Family ... After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

Surveillance Footage

Videos Recorded by the Accused

Shocking surveillance footage captured by the accused themselves provides crucial evidence in understanding the nature of their alleged crimes. The videos show the suspects orchestrating deliberate attacks while audibly laughing and displaying a complete lack of remorse.

Deliberate Attacks Captured on Camera

The footage obtained from surveillance cameras shows the accused intentionally ramming their stolen car into both Probst and another cyclist earlier that day. The chilling nature of the deliberate acts, coupled with the audibly gleeful demeanor of the accused, further highlights the apparent lack of empathy and remorse for their alleged actions.

Footage of the Suspects Fleeing from Police

In addition to the footage capturing the deliberate attacks, cameras also captured the accused fleeing from law enforcement officers. This footage serves as crucial evidence in the pursuit of justice and paints a clear picture of the accused’s actions and intentions leading up to their capture.

Arrest and Bail

Capture of Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys

Following the alleged crimes, Ayala and Keys were captured by law enforcement officers and taken into custody. Their arrest brought a sense of relief to the community, as it signaled that those responsible for the death of Probst would be held accountable for their actions.

Holding the Accused without Bail

Due to the severity of the charges against them and the concerning behavior exhibited in court, both Ayala and Keys were denied bail. This decision was made to ensure the safety of the public and to prevent the accused from potentially fleeing or causing harm to others.

Detention at the Clark County Detention Center

Currently, both Ayala and Keys are being held at the Clark County Detention Center. The detention center will serve as their temporary residence while they await their day in court and face the legal consequences of their alleged crimes.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victims Family ... After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

Legal Proceedings

Indictment on Charges of Murder and Serious Felonies

The accused were formally indicted on charges of murder and other serious felonies related to the death of Andreas Probst. The charges carry significant legal consequences and could result in lengthy prison sentences if the accused are found guilty.

Hearings and Court Appearances

Since their arrest, Ayala and Keys have appeared in court multiple times for hearings and to address the charges against them. Their court appearances have gained significant media attention due to their inappropriate behavior, making it a challenge for the legal proceedings to proceed smoothly and in a fair manner.

Possible Sentences if Convicted

If found guilty, Ayala and Keys could face significant legal penalties. The severity of the charges, the alleged deliberate nature of the crimes, and their lack of remorse could all contribute to the potential sentences they would receive. The exact penalties would be determined by the court and the judge overseeing the case.

Public Outrage

Coverage of the Incident in the Media

The shocking courtroom behavior of Ayala and Keys, coupled with the heinous nature of the alleged crimes, garnered significant media attention. News outlets reported on the incident, emphasizing the disregard for human life displayed by the accused, as well as the impact on the victim’s family.

Reactions from the Local Community

The local community was deeply affected by the tragic death of Retired Police Chief Andreas Probst. The outrageous behavior exhibited by the accused in court only further fueled the outrage and disbelief felt by community members. Calls for justice, accountability, and support for the victim’s family have been widespread.

Calls for Justice and Accountability

In response to the shocking behavior of Ayala and Keys, there has been a resounding demand for justice to be served. The community has expressed a strong desire for the accused to be held accountable for their alleged actions and for the legal system to ensure a fair trial that accurately reflects the severity of the crimes committed.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victims Family ... After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

Discussion on Juvenile Criminal Justice System

The case of Ayala and Keys has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding the juvenile criminal justice system. Questions have been raised about the adequacy and effectiveness of the current system in dealing with serious crimes committed by minors. The behavior displayed by the accused in court, along with their alleged involvement in a heinous crime, has led many to question the consequences faced by individuals within the system and the potential for rehabilitation.


The shocking courtroom behavior of Ayala and Keys has not only added insult to injury for the victim’s family but has also sparked outrage and disbelief within the community. The lack of empathy, remorse, and respect for the legal proceedings has raised concerns about the character and mindset of the accused. As the legal proceedings continue, the community remains united in their call for justice and accountability. Additionally, this case has prompted a broader discussion on the effectiveness of the juvenile criminal justice system and the need for improvements to ensure that serious crimes committed by minors are dealt with appropriately. As the case unfolds, society will be watching closely to see how justice is ultimately served.

Accused Teen Murderers Laugh In Court, Grin At Victims Family ... After Allegedly Killing Ex-Police Chief

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