Chris Long Defends ‘Tush Push’ Play Against Detractors

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, former NFL star Chris Long defended the controversial “Tush Push” play that the Philadelphia Eagles have been utilizing this season. Long stated that if teams have a problem with it, they should simply learn how to stop it. The play, which has been causing quite a stir in the NFL, has been praised by some and criticized by others. However, Long believes that the play’s detractors are just envious of the Eagles and that the league should not ban it. It seems that Long’s strong opinions on the matter have only added to the ongoing debate surrounding the “Tush Push” play.


Welcome to this comprehensive article on Chris Long and the controversy surrounding the ‘Tush Push’ play in the NFL. Chris Long, a former NFL star and Super Bowl champion with the Philadelphia Eagles, has recently defended the play against its critics. In this article, we will explore Long’s stance on the play, the controversy surrounding it, and the impact it has had on the Eagles’ success. We will also discuss Long’s new platform on ‘Inside the NFL’ and the public’s reaction to his defense. Let’s delve into the details!


Chris Long’s stance on the ‘Tush Push’ play

Chris Long has been vocal in his support of the ‘Tush Push’ play. Despite its polarizing nature, Long believes that teams should learn how to stop it instead of calling for it to be banned. He attributes the play’s detractors to envy towards the Eagles’ success with it.

Controversy surrounding the play

The ‘Tush Push’ play has sparked a heated debate within the NFL. Some argue that it is unfair, while others find it convoluted, boring, and even dangerous. There have been calls for the NFL to ban the play altogether.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ success with the play

The Philadelphia Eagles have managed to turn the ‘Tush Push’ play into a first-down-making machine. They have found a unique execution that sets them apart from other teams. This success has only fueled the controversy surrounding the play.

Chris Long Defends Tush Push Play Against Detractors

Chris Long’s Defense

Long’s response to critics of the play

Chris Long has brushed off the criticism directed towards the ‘Tush Push’ play. He believes that the play’s detractors are simply mad at the Eagles and that the team’s execution looks different from other teams’. Long’s dismissive attitude reflects his confidence in the play’s effectiveness.

His belief in the uniqueness of the Eagles’ execution

One of the key arguments put forth by Long is that the Eagles’ execution of the ‘Tush Push’ play is unique. He suggests that the play should not be a cause for concern for other teams, as each team can develop their own strategies to counter it.

Dismissing the notion of an NFL ban

Long disagrees with the idea of the NFL banning the ‘Tush Push’ play. He is of the opinion that teams should be responsible for finding ways to stop it, rather than relying on the league to intervene.

Suggesting alternative solutions

In a light-hearted manner, Long suggests that teams should consider drafting bigger players or avoiding third- and fourth-down-and-short plays against the Eagles. These alternative solutions highlight Long’s belief in the play’s effectiveness and his confidence in the Eagles’ ability to execute it successfully.

Inside the NFL Opportunity

Long’s new platform on ‘Inside the NFL’

Chris Long has recently joined the cast of ‘Inside the NFL’, a popular show that provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the league. This new platform allows Long to share his perspectives and insights on various aspects of the game, including the ‘Tush Push’ play.

His excitement and expectations for the show

Long is excited about the opportunity to be a part of ‘Inside the NFL’. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and engaging with fans on a deeper level. He hopes that his contributions to the show will enrich the audience’s understanding of the game and generate meaningful discussions.

Chris Long Defends Tush Push Play Against Detractors

Reaction and Impact

Public response to Long’s defense

The public response to Chris Long’s defense of the ‘Tush Push’ play has been mixed. While some fans appreciate his perspective and support, others still believe that the play should be banned. The controversy surrounding the play continues to fuel discussions and debates among fans and experts alike.

Potential influence on the ongoing debate

As a respected figure in the NFL community, Chris Long’s defense of the ‘Tush Push’ play may have a significant influence on the ongoing debate. His insights and arguments may sway opinions and shape the discourse surrounding the play. Only time will tell how his defense impacts the overall perception and future of the play.

Long’s role as an advocate for the play

By publicly defending the ‘Tush Push’ play, Chris Long has effectively positioned himself as an advocate for its continued existence in the NFL. His willingness to engage with critics and offer alternative solutions showcases his confidence in the play’s effectiveness and his belief in the competitive nature of the game.

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Chris Long Defends Tush Push Play Against Detractors


In conclusion, Chris Long’s defense of the ‘Tush Push’ play has generated a considerable amount of attention and debate within the NFL community. While the controversy surrounding the play persists, Long remains firm in his belief that teams should find ways to counter it rather than calling for a ban. His role as an advocate for the play and his new platform on ‘Inside the NFL’ allow him to further share his perspectives and engage with fans on a deeper level. As the ongoing debate continues, the impact of Long’s defense and the future of the ‘Tush Push’ play remain to be seen.

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