Everytime’ Writer Denies ‘Everytime’ Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion

In a recent revelation, the songwriter of Britney Spears’ hit song “Everytime” has come forward to deny the rumors that the lyrics are about her abortion with Justin Timberlake. Annet Artani, who worked with Britney on the song, explains that the lyrics were actually inspired by her own breakup and not Britney’s personal life. Despite speculation from fans, Annet insists that the song does not reference any unborn child or abortion. This clarification sheds light on the true meaning behind the emotional track and dispels the misconceptions surrounding its lyrics.

Everytime Writer Denies Everytime Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion


Britney Spears’ hit song “Everytime” has been the subject of much speculation and fan theories, particularly regarding its connection to her relationship with Justin Timberlake and a rumored abortion. However, the songwriter of the song, Annet Artani, has come forward to debunk these theories.

The Song ‘Everytime’

Annet Artani, a talented songwriter, had the opportunity to collaborate with Britney Spears on the song “Everytime.” Despite rumors and fan theories suggesting otherwise, Annet maintains that the lyrics were not about Justin Timberlake or an abortion.

Inspiration Behind the Lyrics

When Annet was writing the lyrics for “Everytime,” she was experiencing the aftermath of a breakup with Britney’s musical director. The song reflects Annet’s own personal experiences and emotions during that time.

Britney and Annet’s Collaboration

Annet and Britney had a close friendship and would often sit at the piano together, sharing their pain and sadness. It was during these collaborative sessions that they worked on “Everytime.” The songwriting process allowed both artists to express their emotions and create a powerful and relatable ballad.

Everytime Writer Denies Everytime Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion

Debunking the Fan Theory

The popular fan theory suggests that the lyrics of “Everytime” are linked to Britney’s relationship with Justin Timberlake and a rumored abortion. However, Annet Artani denies these claims and provides an explanation behind the misunderstood lyrics.

The Lyric Misinterpretation

One of the main points of confusion comes from the line, “I guess I need you, baby.” Many fans have interpreted this as a reference to an unborn child. However, Annet clarifies that she wrote this line about her own personal experiences and emotions, not about a pregnancy or abortion.

Annet’s Explanation

Annet Artani maintains that during the songwriting process, Britney never mentioned a baby or an abortion. The lyrics were focused on their respective breakups and the emotions associated with them. Any assumption of a hidden meaning in the lyrics is purely speculative.

Explanation of the Chorus

The chorus of “Everytime” contains the lines, “And every time I see you in my dreams I see your face, you’re haunting me. I guess I need you, baby.” Annet reveals that Britney came up with the word “haunting” as they were searching for words that rhymed. It was not meant to be a direct reference to any specific event or person.

The Music Video

While Annet Artani was not involved in the creation of the music video for “Everytime,” she acknowledges that Britney had creative control over it. Some fans speculate that the imagery of a woman giving birth in the video is related to the rumored abortion. However, this is purely speculative and cannot be confirmed.

Everytime Writer Denies Everytime Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion

Speculations and Conspiracy Theories

Despite Annet’s explanation and denial of the fan theories, debates and discussions surrounding the true meaning of the song continue. Fan theories can often take on a life of their own, sparking further speculation and a range of interpretations.

Britney’s Recent Revelations

In Britney’s recent revelations, she discusses her personal experiences and struggles. While these revelations shed some light on her life, they do not directly confirm or negate the fan theories surrounding “Everytime.” It is important to separate personal revelations from artistic expression.

The Book Revelation

Britney’s statement in her book about having rough sex with Colin Farrell does not provide any concrete evidence or insight into the meaning behind “Everytime.” It is crucial to approach her revelations with sensitivity and respect for her personal experiences.

Impact on Fan Theories

While Britney’s revelations may ignite further speculation, it is vital to remember that art is open to interpretation. The true meaning of “Everytime” lies within the emotions it evokes for each individual listener.

Everytime Writer Denies Everytime Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion

Support from Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Organizations

Due to the controversial nature of the song and the interpretations surrounding it, “Everytime” has garnered attention from both pro-life and pro-choice organizations. Each group has their own interpretation of the lyrics, showcasing the diverse range of perspectives on the matter.

Controversial Nature of the Song

The ambiguous nature of the lyrics in “Everytime” has contributed to its controversial status. The song taps into personal experiences and emotions, making it a deeply personal and subjective piece of art.

Different Interpretations from Advocacy Groups

Pro-life and pro-choice organizations interpret the lyrics to reflect their respective viewpoints. This divergence highlights the power of music to invoke personal beliefs and emotions.

Impact on Britney and Justin’s Relationship

Britney and Justin Timberlake’s relationship has been a subject of interest for fans for many years. “Everytime” has often been linked to their breakup and alleged abortion. Exploring the timeline of their relationship and the effect of the song on their dynamic offers further insight.

Breakup Timeline

Britney and Justin broke up approximately nine months before the release of “Everytime.” While the song may have been influenced by their breakup, Annet Artani denies any explicit reference to their relationship or a rumored abortion.

Effect of ‘Everytime’ on their Dynamic

The influence of “Everytime” on Britney and Justin’s relationship and subsequent interactions is speculative. It is important to separate artistic expression from personal relationships and respect the privacy of those involved.

Everytime Writer Denies Everytime Lyrics About Justin Timberlake Abortion

Other Controversial Britney Songs

“Everytime” is not the only song in Britney’s discography that has sparked controversy and speculation. Analyzing previous tracks allows for a deeper understanding of Britney’s vulnerability and the power of her songwriting.

Analysis of Previous Tracks

By examining songs like “Lucky,” “Piece of Me,” and “Circus,” it becomes apparent that Britney has consistently used her music as a platform to express her emotions and experiences. These songs offer glimpses into her personal life and the challenges she has faced.

Pop Star’s Vulnerability in Songwriting

Britney’s willingness to share her vulnerabilities through her music has endeared her to millions of fans. It is a testament to her strength and resilience that she continues to create heartfelt and relatable songs.

The Significance of ‘Everytime’

Despite the controversy and various interpretations, “Everytime” holds significant personal and artistic value for Britney Spears. The song represents a moment of personal growth and a reflection of her journey as an artist.

Personal and Artistic Growth

“Everytime” marked a significant period of personal and artistic growth for Britney. It allowed her to explore her emotions and connect with her audience on a deeper level. The song showcases her evolution as a songwriter and performer.

Legacy of the Song

Everytime” has become an iconic piece of Britney Spears‘ discography, resonating with fans around the world. Its enduring popularity speaks to the universal themes of heartbreak and healing that it explores.

In conclusion, Britney Spears‘ song “Everytime” has sparked numerous fan theories and speculation surrounding its lyrics. However, the songwriter, Annet Artani, has clarified that the lyrics are not about Justin Timberlake or an abortion. The true meaning of the song lies within the personal and artistic experiences it represents for both Britney and Annet. The controversy surrounding the song showcases the power of music to evoke diverse interpretations and emotions. Ultimately, “Everytime” holds significance as a testament to Britney’s personal and artistic growth, leaving a lasting legacy in her discography.

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