Finding SECRET HiDDEN TREASURE at Bottom of LAKE! (Video deleted while exploring mystery clues)

View – i AM REBECCA ZAMOLO as well as i help the GAME MASTER NOW! Mystery Clues Solved and ESCAPE ROOM Riddles –
After Rebecca Zamolo woke up in the sea on a deserted inflatable floatie she drove overnight to obtain to the lake that was the final secret idea on my apple iphone. What do you believe the secret enigma hint inside methods?

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After my other half Matt (not sibling) discovered tricks to a watercraft in the pond, the game master sent a straight message on Instagram that stated it was my turn following. I had much less than 24 hours to find the appropriate boat as well as discover the lake while attempting to solve 3 riddles using the secret mystery hints for this escape area in actual life. He would certainly delete up to three YouTube video clips if I stopped working. A lot of you think the Game Master coincides Hacker that erased Chad Wild Clay and also Vy Qwaint’s video. I had to swim in the water to the beach and search for ideas there. It was weird since it really felt like somebody was seeing me, ideally not a genuine ghost. I understand Stephen Sharer had a secret spy watching him (which is scary) so I hope it’s just somebody doing a prank on me. Did you see anything? I was lacking time when I reached the 2nd problem and had determine which rocks on the deserted island would certainly have the last clue. I ran out of time as well as the Game Master removed one of my YouTube video clips. For my final riddle I went out to the middle of the lake to find the secret concealed prize. I went undersea as well as located a doll with a note. What do you think the message from the Game Master suggests? Many thanks so a lot for seeing my family members friendly video clips in 2018!

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