Finding the real person who the scammer pretended to be their Photo

online scam date
Hi there,

I met an online date whom I think is a scam, but now my concern is to find the real person in the photo, I need help on that, would you be able to trace someone from the photos? Hope to hear from you soonest.

Hello, online scam date

Some times is is not a good situation to be in, or the focus to find the real person, Who does exist.
A real photo had to come from some place and maybe this real person was scammed or their photo was stolen from any type of website.
Upon contacting this person if you found out who, what are you willing to say… and would it be this.

I had a romance with you on a date site to find out it was a scam and the scammer used your photo and pretended to be you.
So I am warning you about a person named JOE KING@ yahoo who is doing this.

People want to contact the real person but also just maybe he or she might love you the same as the person who was scamming you on the computer?
It is hard to seperate the scam from the reality when you liked the person very much so.
Best bet is to make a video and use the photo as a warning to others and put this photo was stolen.

Best to focus on having a romance face to face and one less person scammed who knows what to watch out for on date sites.
I hope this video helps in answering some of the questions. If you need more help let me know.

Love care and feelings are a powerful tool, I know you would like to do the right thing and find the victim, as much as myself and others before me have also, but at the end of the day a photo can be changed as quick as lighting a tobacco pipe.