Gwen Stefani’s Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

In a recent interview, Gwen Stefani, the famous pop star and coach on NBC’s The Voice, opened up about her unexpected love for the country lifestyle with her husband, country icon Blake Shelton. Despite being a city girl at heart, Stefani has embraced the slower pace of life in Oklahoma, where the couple lives on Shelton’s sprawling Ten Point Ranch. While Stefani admits that she’s not a fan of bugs or humidity, she finds the beauty of the Oklahoma countryside and the close connection to nature to be incredibly rewarding. Through her new experiences, Stefani has gained a deeper appreciation for the simple pleasures of country living and the hard work that comes with it. It seems that Stefani has truly found a home in the country, and she’s loving every minute of it.

Gwen Stefani’s Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton


Gwen Stefani, the renowned city pop star and coach on NBC’s The Voice, never imagined herself living in the country. However, after meeting country icon Blake Shelton on the show in 2014, their close friendship blossomed into love, leading Stefani to embrace a country lifestyle in Oklahoma. In a recent interview, Stefani shared her initial thoughts on living in Oklahoma, her adjustment to country living, and her newfound appreciation for the beauty of the state.

Gwen Stefani’s Initial Thoughts on Living in Oklahoma

As a city girl, Stefani admitted that she initially had reservations about living in Oklahoma. In an interview with People in September 2023, she confessed, “I am not really a dirt person, a bug person; I don’t like that much humidity.” However, her love for Shelton and her desire to be with him compelled her to give country living a chance.

Gwen Stefanis Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s Adjustment to Country Living

Despite her initial hesitations, Stefani gradually adjusted to the slower pace of life in Oklahoma. She described the state as beautiful and mentioned feeling like she was entering a vortex whenever she visited. Stefani also reflected on her childhood experiences, where she helped her father clean up branches from trees he had cut down. This early exposure to nature influenced her perspective on having trees in her yard.

Gwen Stefani’s Appreciation for the Beauty of Oklahoma

Living in Oklahoma has allowed Stefani to develop a newfound appreciation for the state’s natural beauty. She spoke of the incredible dahlias she grew in her Oklahoma garden, crediting the different kind of work required in maintaining a country garden. Stefani recognized the parallel between her current gardening experiences and the work her mother did in the past, providing her with a deeper understanding and connection to her roots.

Gwen Stefanis Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s Childhood Experiences Influencing her Perspective on Country Life

Stefani’s childhood experiences played a significant role in shaping her perspective on country life. Growing up, she witnessed her father’s hard work and the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy environment. This influenced her preferences, making her initially hesitant about embracing a more rural lifestyle. However, her time in Oklahoma and her beautiful garden have challenged and shifted Stefani’s perspective, allowing her to appreciate the unique joys of living in the country.

Gwen Stefani’s Gardening Experiences in Oklahoma

One aspect of country living that Stefani has wholeheartedly embraced is gardening. She fondly spoke of her incredible dahlias and how tending to her garden has become a source of joy and fulfillment. Stefani’s gardening experiences in Oklahoma have not only allowed her to connect with nature but also provided her with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Gwen Stefanis Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Unique Lifestyle on Ten Point Ranch

Stefani and Shelton reside on Shelton’s Ten Point Ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. This sprawling property spans 1,300 acres and offers them an idyllic country setting. The couple has access to several amenities on the ranch, including ponds, basketball courts, and a horse barn. With their spacious 2,150 square feet home, featuring four bedrooms and two bathrooms, Stefani and Shelton have created a peaceful haven in the countryside.

The Amenities on Blake Shelton’s Property

Ten Point Ranch boasts various amenities that enhance Stefani and Shelton’s country lifestyle. Shelton personally planted a cornfield on the property, showcasing his love for the land. The couple also enjoys their fire pit, offering them a cozy spot to relax and unwind. Additionally, the ranch houses a horse barn, reflecting Shelton’s passion for horses and providing Stefani with an opportunity to further embrace country living through horseback riding.

Gwen Stefanis Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s Horse and her Embrace of Country Life

Stefani’s journey into country life took a significant leap when she acquired a horse. Embracing her newfound love for horses and equestrian activities, Stefani fully embraced the country lifestyle that Shelton had introduced her to. The horse not only symbolizes her commitment to their unique lifestyle but also serves as a reminder of the meaningful moments she shares with Shelton on their ranch.

Blake Shelton’s Other Ventures and their Influence on their Lifestyle

Aside from his successful music career and coaching on The Voice, Shelton’s other ventures have further shaped the couple’s country lifestyle. Shelton owns a restaurant and entertainment venue called Ole Red, inspired by his hit song of the same name. Located in Tishomingo, the establishment offers visitors a complete country experience, tying into Stefani and Shelton’s love for the rural lifestyle.

Gwen Stefanis Thoughts on Country Life with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s Newfound Love for Tishomingo

Tishomingo was not initially a destination on Stefani’s radar but has now become a place she cherishes. The beauty of Oklahoma, their unique lifestyle on Ten Point Ranch, and the welcoming community in Tishomingo have all contributed to Stefani’s newfound love for the town. Stefani’s willingness to embrace a different way of life has opened her eyes to the charm and warmth of Tishomingo, making it an integral part of her country living experience.

In conclusion, Gwen Stefani’s initial reservations about living in Oklahoma have transformed into a deep appreciation for the country lifestyle she shares with Blake Shelton. From adjusting to the slower pace of life to finding joy in gardening and embracing equestrian activities, Stefani’s journey into country living has allowed her to grow and connect with her roots. Their unique lifestyle on Ten Point Ranch, coupled with Shelton’s other ventures, has further enriched their experience. Above all, Stefani’s newfound love for Tishomingo and the beauty of Oklahoma serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing a new way of life.

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