How to be transformed by God

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Dr. Scott E. Koenigsaecker


A. We need to break from the past.
“Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world…”
Romans 12:2a

B. We need to set a new course for our life.
“….be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” Romans 12:2b
· We need to put off the old and put on the new
“…throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life…Instead let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly holy and righteous.” Ephesians 4:22-24

C. What is included?
“Let them (your bodies) be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind He will find acceptable.” Romans 12:1

D. Why should we do this?
· Because of what God has planned for our future.
“…test and approve what God’s will is–His good, pleasing, and perfect will.” Romans 12:2c
· Because of what God has done for us.
“And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus…He endured the cross, disregarding its shame.” Hebrews 12:1-2


A. God’s plan for your life reaches to eternity.
“For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

“…but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Romans 6:23

B. Who wouldn’t want to spend eternity with God?
· In heaven we will be completely in the presence of God.
“And now all glory to God who is able to…bring you into His glorious presence, innocent of sin and with great joy.” Jude 1:24
· We will have a glorified body.
“For our earthly bodies, the ones we have now that can die, must be transformed into heavenly bodies that cannot perish but will live forever.” I Corinthians 15:53
· All of our needs will be satisfied.
“Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat.”
Revelation 7:16

C. How do I know I’m going to spend eternity with God?
· We need to realize that because of our sin we are separated from God.
“But your iniquities (sin) have made a separation between you and your God…” Isaiah 59:2
· We need to acknowledge that Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins bridges our separation from God.
“For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.” I John 4:10
· We have to personally accept God’s gift of eternal life.
“Jesus says, ‘Listen! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in.'”
Revelation 3:20

This is the English transcript:

Be transformed

by the renewing of your mind

let me read for you a very pertinent
observation by

Timothy Johnson you probably know that
Name he’s the medical advisor for


news whenever

anybody has to talk about something
medical he’s the guy that does it

and what most people don’t know is
he not only graduated from med school

be graduated from seminary

here’s his observation

he says the typical practices

and morays of our social secular world

have not resulted in a planet

full of happy fulfilled and content
human beings

I wouldn’t waste your time by listing all
the evidence

the barrage of

Movies music tv reports

Tabloids internet sources spew out
more stories about tragically lives

ruined by drugs promiscuity violence

than we could possibly absorb

clearly the enormous freedom and wealth
that permeates much of our advanced

and enlightening society

has not produced for most of us

what presumably we longed for

ascent of fulfillment

and contentment

About who we are

and what we do

my calendar is full

on a weekly basis

of people who are


with what’s going on in their life

with who they are

as you rubbed shoulders this

Christmas season with people at parties

you’re going to be rubbing shoulders
predominately with people that are


with their life

unhappy with who they are and yes for
the holiday season they’re going to put on

a smile and a red sweater

you see I see you

I see them

without the smile

and without the red sweater

and I can tell you that Timothy
Johnson’s observation is all

To accurate

in a world

of abundance and choices

we are people who are unfulfilled

and we are people who are unhappy with
who we are

and I can tell you that a Band-Aid

spiritually or emotionally or
even practically is not what we need

what we need is we need a spiritual
transfusion we need a whole new course in


and I’m like you are I’m up for a little

mid-course correction

I’m up for a little alteration but

the idea that I have to leave it all

Oh I’m willing to leave some of it but
all of it?

I want you to listen to the language that

the Paul uses about how that
transformation takes place in our life

And simply you’ve heard me talk about this before
we have to put off our old nature and

on our new nature but listen to what he

this is the new living translation of
Ephesians four he says throw off your

old sinful nature and your former way of
life now the idea of throwing

is a very good understanding of what
the original language word

And verb are here

but think about throwing

you come in the house and what do you do
you throw your keys on the table

is that the kind of throw that Paul is
talking about just take your old

Self and just throw it on the table I
can tell you that’s not to force of the


what Paul is saying is you have to take your old
way of living

That is conformed to this
world and you have to wind up and you

have to throw it so far away that you

can’t find it any longer

and if you’re honest

you don’t really want to do that

I’m willing to put off

some of my old behaviors some of my old

some of my

old attitudes

but I want to throw them on the desk where
I can find them

because you know when things aren’t good
when I’m depressed and stressed and


when I feel as though nobody loves
me and everybody’s distant from me have

you ever noticed that’s the time you
look around for that old conformity

Because there is some comfort in old things
isn’t there?

old ways of thinking

old attitudes

old behaviors

Paul says we need a transformation a
transfusion we need to put that off

we need to throw it away

somewhere we can’t find it anymore
instead let the Spirit renew

your thoughts and your attitudes

put on your new nature created to be
like God

truly holy and righteous

here Paul is very insightful our new

often comes through changing of
our thinking

If you change the way you think you’ll
change the way that you live

in fact the other is true too you change
the way the you live and you change the

Way you live

what does

this change this putting off putting on
process this transformation that needs

to happen in our life what does it

this is the hard part

it could includes everything

it includes all of who you are

let them your whole bodies

via living in the holy sacrifice the
kind he will find acceptable

our new self is acceptable to God

it’s our old self that’s not
acceptable to God it’s not righteous

And it includes all of who we and if we’re
honest again this morning

There is stuff we don’t want to give over
to God

I mean we’ve done pretty good right

We’re willing to give God the spiritual
side of life

We’re willing to put God first on Sunday
morning at ten o’clock

Wednesday afternoon at four we meet with our small
group wait pastor said we’re supposed to

read the Bible and pray a little bit
every morning so we’re doing that for

A good five or ten minutes while we have our
coffee and wake up all the way

and ok you know if you really forced me
to ok you know I’ll look

at the first ten percent of my money and
will give that to God

okay I know I’m going to spend the
holidays with crazy Harold or crazy

Harriett I’ll try to be really kind to them

but have you noticed in the

list of things that you’re willing to do
you have a pretty good list of things

you don’t want God to touch

you put up a force field around those
things those thoughts those attitudes those

Behaviors those relationships that
undertaking of your life

and we’ve got ourselves and we got it all figured
out God doesn’t care about that

God doesn’t want to influence that

because it’s this

there isn’t anything

that you do

there isn’t anything that makes up
who you are

that God doesn’t want to impact he wants to
impact all of whom you are

and he wants to impact every
circumstance and setting and

relationships of your life all of it

he cares about your spirituality he
cares about your sex life

he cares about how you get a long with
your children and he cares about how you

get along with your co-workers

he cares about how you feel and what you
think on a good day

And he any cares about how you feel and
think on a bad day

he wants all of it

and that makes sense doesn’t it?

can you get a transfusion and only say no
only go to my left arm that’s where it hurts

can you can you do that

you put a band aid on one part of your

but if you had a transfusion it affects
all of who you are

and when Paul talks about putting off
the old nature he’s talking about all of

who you are it involves all of who you are

Time talent treasure and touch

ambitions and passions

what you do on Sunday

and what you do on Friday nights
the whole

kit and caboodle whatever that is

I know what the whole nine yards is
that’s a bolt of fabric

and if you buy the whole bolt that has
about nine yards of fabric

but I don’t know what someone email
me what a kit and caboodle is

this week

how should we respond

we should be transformed

and that transformation includes all of
who we are why should we do it? that’s a

great question

two reasons one God has a

a great planned for your life

Paul goes on to say in Romans twelve
He says test to prove what God’s

will is his good pleasing and perfect

what is it that God offers you that is
not good

Pleasing and perfect

everything he offers us is good pleasing
and perfect

It makes sense if we do what God wants us to do
his a good pleasing and perfect will

what’s going to happen to our life it’s going to
be more good to be more pleasing

it is going to be more perfect

God sets us up it’s not for failure but
for success

he has a great plan for your life

the other reason is because he was
willing to pay the costs

for our new life

this is Hebrews twelve

and let us run with endurance the
race God has set before us we do this by

keeping our eyes on Jesus

he endured the cross

And disregarded its shame

you see

God died for us he doesn’t ask us to die

It’s one of the unique things about Christianity

it does it require from the worshiper

the requirement is all on God’s side

we can only love him because he loved
us first

he was willing to die for us

That’s what

Christmas is all about he came down to

Easter is all about his death and
resurrection for us

God didn’t need to do that

but he needed to do it for us so He did

All so that we can have a transformed life

now I often hear people say well it
really doesn’t matter what you believe

what you believe matters because God’s
plan for you

reaches all the way to eternity

it is John three sixteen

God so

God love this world so much

that he gave his one and only son that
everyone who believes in him will not

perish but have eternal life

And the Romans six twenty three

but the free gift of God is eternal life
in Christ Jesus our Lord

you’ll hear me say that

I believe

eternity is in the balance and I do
believe that

anybody who tells you that

what you believe doesn’t matter


I don’t think that’s very wise or
insightful person

see that’s like saying well it
doesn’t matter because God doesn’t exist

But He does

if God exists

that God loves us and has a plan for a

that matters what we believe

and eternity is in the balance

God’s desire is that we would all go to
heaven but he did not

yell out from the cross

Olly olly oxen free free free

Did He?

anybody that tries to pawn off
universalism to you

I think you’re smart enough to realize

that’s really no


nor prudent

decision to make

for eternity

because that conflicts with what the
Bible says

and the way that we really know who God
is and

How to live our life according to what the
Bible says

today I would offer this who wouldn’t
want to go to heaven

who wouldn’t want to spend eternity with
God I want to meet them who doesn’t want that

three great things you get when you go
to eternity number one is you get to

be in the presence of God

we all get little pieces of that along
the way we love it

It’s why we come to church on Sunday

that’s why we gather together in small
groups that’s why we have fellowship


because when we sing

when we laugh

when we encourage one another we
feel the presence of God who doesn’t

want that

all the time

and we get it all the time

Jude one twenty four and now all glory
to God was able to bring you into his

glorious presence

Innocent of your sin and with great

complete presence of God only good no

number two is that you get this
new body

you don’t get liposuction from here to
there that’s not what I’m talking


we realize that

Jesus appearing before

he ascended after his resurrection gives
us a little idea what her body to be

like people recognized who he was

he ate remember he had a little barbecue with the
disciples on the beach a little fish fry

but his body was a little more

than a human body because

he went through the door to the prayer

and he gives us some idea

The older I get the more I want to change
out this body

it aches it doesn’t work right

It’s awful

For our earthly bodies of the ones we have
now that can die must be transformed into

heavenly bodies

that cannot parish

but will live forever

who wouldn’t want that

In fact we try to make our youth last as
long as we can

and why do we do that

because we really wanted it to last

well guess what it will

better than we ever imagine

the third thing is that all of our needs
will be met and we all know we have


we get there we will be satisfied

never again will they hunger never again
will they thirstnever again will the sun beat upon


nor any scorching heat

you go to Revelation chapter twenty one
talks about the fact

that there’s no more crying there’s no
more death there’s no more morning

who wouldn’t want that

in fact we wanted so much we just want
to go from here to there like that

who wouldn’t want

to spend eternity in heaven with God

what bad thing is they’re waiting for us

no bad thing at all in fact

one of the things I didn’t mention
about our bodies

reason why you need a new body is
heaven is not up there heaven is down here

that make sense

God created the planet for human beings

are we still human after we die yea we

we won’t be on a cloud just

strumming a lire with nothing to do will
be like back to the garden of Eden

stuff to do things to enjoy

people to be with

It will be awesome

we all have a choice to make

in terms of our response to

God’s existence and God’s love and
plan for us

how do we know that we’re going to spend

eternity with God in heaven

well it’s about the choices that we make
there is a choice to make you don’t get

to not make a choice

not making the choices is a

no choice


well the Bible’s pretty clear that

you are separated from God

because of your sin

but your inequities your sin have made a
separation between you and God now we

all know that

in fact that’s really interesting and
I really haven’t

met the person that doesn’t feel
separated from God

even the

atheists that I know

feel separated from God

they don’t feel connected to God

that’s why they don’t believe that there
is a God because they don’t feel

A connection

and we all realize that there is a
connection that we yearn to have with

God that we don’t have and the Bible
says you don’t have it because

your impacted by sin your imperfect
people we’re all imperfect

we’ve all sinned and we all fall short of
God’s glorious ideal

and that sin has separated us from God

the bridge between awesome God what
bridges that separation between awesome

God is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ

because he’s the one that paid the price
for our sins

on the cross

for Christ died for your sins

once and for all the righteous that’s
Jesus for the unrighteous that is us

to do what? to bring you to God

now we’ve wrongly thought that we can
get in relationship to God on our side

all we have to

do is be really good trust me your not that

we think all we have to do is

Earn it I know I’ll serve and
Serve and serve and don’t get me

wrong service is good but it won’t get
you into heaven

because the distances to great

we tried being very moral get rid of our
bad habits we think that’ll get us

to God

but that won’t do it

we try salvation by setting

We’ll go to church

oh that’s also salvation by sitting

and it’s good that you’re here but I can
tell you what just because you come to


that doesn’t mean that you

knowledge the reality that Jesus has
paid the price for your sins

because I know

every Sunday there were people here that
think the transformation that Jesus

Christ wants to do in their life is a

and Paul wants to make it clear

you could put Band-Aids all over your

and that’s not going to bring you in a
relationship with God

you need a transfusion today

you need to put off the old nature

and you need to put on the new nature
and you’ve got to be willing to throw

that old nature away

who would ever do that

you would only do it because somebody

your commitment and your dedication

and that’s Jesus

because he

paid for your eternity


the third thing is it’s a very personal

you have to decide yourself

your spouse can do it for you

parents can’t do it for children

you have to do it yourself

John says you know Jesus stands at the

door of your life and he knocks

And He calls to you and when he calls he’s
calling out your name

and he says what I need you to do now
that I’m here is I need you to open the

door and if you open the door that I
promise you I will come in and I will

be in relationship with you

not only now but for all eternity

what difference does it make

that differences not only practical but
it’s eternal

who wants to gamble their eternity on

their own idea I know people do it all
the time I’m smart

I’m capable I’ll make up my own rules

well I’ll tell you one day you’ll
realize that you really didn’t get to

make the rules

and shhh

don’t tell anybody but God really
doesn’t care what you think

he’s the one that makes the rules

he’s the one that’s been very clear he’s
the one that

stands at the door in knocks

and he called out to us

Isn’t Christmas about calling out to us

what more do you want Him to do

Die he does that at Easter

you see it makes a difference

that God exists

it makes a difference that God loves us
and has a plan for our lives

what should our response be we should
ask Jesus Christ to be the leader of our


I don’t know a simpler way to put that
to you

and yes that means you’re willing to
have a spiritual transfusion

and it may mean you have to be willing
to take the band aid off in admit that

really didn’t work that didn’t really do

it was comfortable

it was easy

God wants more than anything else

that you would believe in him

because he does not want you to perish and
hell is heavens awful alternative

he wants you to believe in him

so that you won’t perish

but you will spend

eternity with him

Let us pray

Lord some of us would like to wait

about deciding

you know when

I’m on my deathbed that I’ll get serious
with you

and if we’re conscious enough to be
able to do that then we know you’ll

even accept this then

but then there’s the whole issue of why

what do we have to lose some old habits

bad attitude

Mess up thinking

Lord we are thankful that you

you call to us you bang on

our heart and soul

you invite us to be in relationship with

for those that have never ask you to be
the leader of their life today I’d ask

that they would

open that door

that they would

be willing to simply acknowledge

that they need you

that you’ve paid the price for their

and that they truly want you to be the
leader of their life

Lord that’s what it means to believe in

and as we do we’re now in relationship
with you

Lord help us that learn more about that
helpless Lord to live to the

best of our ability through the power and the
presence of you Holy Spirit

thank you for this day

And we pray in your name Amen