How to Find a Social Security Number

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Find a Social Security Number Of A Person
With the increase in fraud more and more people are verifying an employee’s background before they join. But often the social security number given can turn out to be a fake one. There are government agencies that can find social security number, given a few details. There are also private investigators that can do this job.

SSN Validation
When you are employing a potential candidate it becomes important to know the candidates history. A lot of candidates post fake resumes. Identity theft too is rampant and on the increase. For this reason it has become very important to verify if the candidate is really who he claims to be. The starting point for most searches is the person’s social security number. But this too can be faked. For this reason there are services that can find a social security number.

There are several different reasons why people would want social security numbers. Other than employment, a lot of other people too require people’s history. Property rental companies may want to know a person’s history. They may want to check if the person they are renting to has a criminal record. They may want to even see what kind of a criminal record the person has. Assessing a person’s history can tell them if the person is able to pay the rent at all. For all of this it is important to validate the social security number first.

Beware Of Scams
One problem with a lot of websites that offer social security number validation is that they are scams. They collect information and it is later used in identity thefts. For this reason it is very important to ensure that the website is genuine. Often people like to perform self-checks. They like to see what kind of information is available on them, for potential employers. This is where you must be very careful. If you are using a validation service to see if it can find a social security number, for yourself ensures that the site is genuine. Check if they have a phone number. If they do, don’t hesitate to call them.

The companies that validate a social security number use various means to find it. They often hire private investigators. These people may sometimes actually have to travel to places to confirm addresses. They use a lot of other data such as utility bills and bank accounts to find a social security number.