How to Find What People Are Searching For To Trigger Your Adwords Ads

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In this video I’m going to reveal you just how to locate out what keyword phrases what search inquiries are triggering your advertisements this works both for product listing advertisements as well as for routine text advertisements one of the first things we’re gone have to do though is hopefully you’ve done this prior to for your account if you haven’t then go ahead and also choose any kind of time structure that you want however I have done this prior to and I see the last time that I did this was January 3rd I keep this spreadsheet as a log of the modifications I make there’s a number of various things that I use within this spreadsheet it’s generally maintains track of all the modifications I make within my AdWords my PL a’s but right currently the primary point I’m going to utilize it for is locating out the day the last time I did it was January third. I go in below as well as go to January 4th as well as after that to today I’ll possibly go to the 25th yes. From there we’re going to go to procurement we’re going to go to AdWords and also after that search queries alright.