How To Locate People Part 2

Searching for a person has become easier with the growth of the Internet, social networking and the global market. People are connected now more than ever before, offering more avenues to find someone. Professionals such as private investigators and “bounty hunters” are always available for hire, and should always be used in potentially dangerous situations. You can locate people on your own, however, with a few simple tips.

Gather all the personal informations that you can. Include the person’s full name, birthday, maiden name or aliases and the names of ex-spouses. Write down the names of all schools attended, military service, where the person has worked and organization memberships. Other helpful information includes place of birth, names and location of family members and previous residential addresses and phone numbers.

Dial 411 for directory assistance or visit Give the operator the person’s name and any known address to see if information is available.

Search social-networking websites to locate a person. These sites allow you to search not only by name but also by schools, company, vocation and other variables.

Use a blog search engine to find information on people. Search for personal blogs or comments left on other blogs.

Post a “Looking For” or “Trying to Find” classified ad on Craigslist. List the ad in cities where the person you are looking for grew up, has previously lived, or knows people. Do not include too much personal information on the public listing.

Use a reverse look up website to look up known land-line numbers, addresses and possibly even a cell phone number. Discover more information from new tenants or landlords at an old address. Ask neighbors if they have any forwarding information.

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