How to See what People Search For In Google To Find Your Site

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In this Q&A video, I’m going to show you how to find out what people are searching for in Google when they come to your site and this is something that I get asked all the time. So let me just dive in and show you how you can find that out. So I’m going first right into my analytics. So if you don’t have google analytics installed you need to get that installed before you can see any of this data it’s a free tool it’s absolutely amazing. So let’s go down. So the first thing I would do is if you go to acquisition see search console I believe ya search console and then queries new yeah. So it actually is queried. I just had the date range set to just today and it takes a few days as you can see before it cut the data comes in here. So okay I put my data back for the last two months and let’s see some of the search terms. So obviously. So first off most of them are not set google hides a lot of if someone’s logged into google it won’t tell you what they search for to come to your site. So google hides a lot of that data. So you’re not going to see most of it but here is an example. So it looks like about I don’t know seventy percent is hidden but the other thirty percent is not. So let me show you some of the different things.

So you can see some of the different terms here dance shorts strapless leotard a bunch of different terms. So that’s one thing you can do is go to search console search console and then queries another thing if you’re running AdWords you can go to AdWords and then go to search queries and this will show you all the information every time someone clicks on your ad it’ll show you what they searched for. So here’s some of the different ones I probably shouldn’t show too much of that data I just in case any competitors are watching but one other thing I’d like to show you is if you go to behavior and then site content landing pages this will actually show you what landing pages people are coming to your site and what you can do is you can put a secondary dimension of acquisition yeah source/medium if you put this in order let’s make this really big. So even though Google hides a lot of the search terms that I showed you in that first step what you can do is let me find this. So this shows you yahoo organic for instance all this yahoo organic if you know what the landing pages you should be able to kind of backward and figure out more or less what the search terms are what they’re actually the search queries are scroll down google organic.

So I’m seeing. So, for instance, someone came to my brown high-waist brief page well they probably search something related to brown highways briefs. So that’s a way you can do it here I believe another way you can do it let me just double check if you go to source/medium under all traffic and you go to Google organic click in there this is might even be a better way than the last way I showed you go to behavior and then go to landing page. So all these landing pages will just be people searching for you organically people typing something into Google and we can see for me my number one page is this blank page this that just that’s the default home page number two is this colors page which means a lot of people are finding my site because they’re typing in some kind of color and dance or combination and they land on this page next up is dance briefs for me. So I can figure out I can backward figure out what are my most common search terms. So that is it for this video please if you have any questions about anything to do with e-commerce please leave it in the comments below every week I’m doing a video like this a Q&A video and I would love to answer your question thank you.