otter at breakfast @ SBWR Jan2014!.?.!This single otter showed up concerning 4m away from an open sluice gate and looked about awhile before diving listed below the water and going away. There were some people observing it’s cuteness and also i was left questioning where it mosted likely to. Thinking that it may have swum into the sluice gateway and also

into the fish pond behind, a look proved this to be so as the otter went directly into chasing its morning meal and rapidly capturing it in the shallows. It caught a mullet as well as began crunching into the head.

It was a little bit careful as it concentrated on morning meal and also any kind of sound like completely dry leaves being stepped on created it to stop as well as look about. After finishing the head, it proceeded with the mullet’s
tail end. It was most definitely a selective otter as well as was not starved as it abandoned the upper body of the mullet after eating the head as well as tail. It dive-swam to the edge of the fish pond before quiting to determine just what it would do as well as after that it dived once again going away in the direction of the sluice gate opening. It did not surface once more within sight. [at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve- tiny fish pond beyond Tower Hide 2C, about 10.30 am, Sunday 26Jan2014] Note: there was an earlier report of a hurt only otter at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

The otter envisioned over can be the exact same otter yet there was no oppurtunity to observe how it
moved relocated land as it was always constantly the water. The visualized otter nevertheless appears to have a noticeable hairline at the back of its head. The hurt otter has been observed to be able to catch fish by itself eating only the head as well as tail ends whilst deserting the remainder.

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