PROJECT ZORGO vs CRYSTAL & NINJA GADGETS in Real Life (Delorean Obstacle Course Race Against Time)

We should race to the crystal prior to Project Zorgo gets it!
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After Chad Wild Clay made PROJECT ZORGO TOOK My CAMERA & TRAPPED ME in HIDDEN TUNNEL (Hacker Trivia Escape Room Challenge), Daniel published the video PROJECT ZORGO CHASE DANIEL Searching for Crystal (24 Hours Challenge with Riddles in Real Life), and also Vy Qwaint produced PROJECT ZORGO PUSHED ME for CRYSTAL After Ninja Battle Royale with Hacker (Found Abandoned Riddles), CWC, VQ, and also Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a leading key extremely spy mission with their hacker evidence Delorean (simply like Back to the Future) from the researcher Joseph Banks. VQ goes on a pursuit exploring to discover PZ 4 and also to find the abandoned orange crystal. In this video, Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay and also Daniel go on a hacker chase in the Delorean while Daniel is flying the drone to recover the mysterious crystal.

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