WHY IS THE MYSTERY SPY AFTER THE HIDDEN ABANDONED SAFE TREASURE MAP!? Well, Stephen Sharer as well as the Sharer Family do not specifically know why however what they do recognize is the prize map as well as the apple iphone located while “EXPLORING ABANDONED ISLAND FOR LOST TREASURE” has actually led Stephen as well as Grace Sharer to look for an abandoned ghost ship. Steven and his sister Grace left the Sharer Family residence, packed up their spy supplies onto their boat and also set sail onto the sea. On the quest for treasure, Steven and Grace kept an eye out for this ghost ship. A few miles down the sea water Steven quickly spotted a deserted ghost shipwreck. Standing tall in the superficial waters, is an old rusted metal ship. Was this a pirate ship with surprise prize or what was this ship made use of for and also why did it wreckage as well as end up being abandoned? This ship is massive as well as looks very haunted. This is not act play pirate ship this is the real world. Stephen drove his boat closer to the shipwreck and as the Sharers obtained closer, they notice the ship becoming much more haunted, super creepy as well as they intended to check out more of this deserted ghost ship! The treasure map they located in the deserted safe led the Sharers to this area so Stephen as well as Grace placed on their life vests, gathered their spy gear and avoided to discover for any kind of undersea treasure over and also below this pirate ghost ship. As Stephen and Grace obtained better they discovered some very haunted noises and also enigma shipwreck pieces. They bewared when discovering and after that all the abrupt they saw a person spying on them from a jet ski! It looked like the Mystery Spy !! The same spy that left a secret note at their front door at the Sharer Family House !! Comment #Haunted if you think this watercraft is an old pirate ship full of treasure!! And prepare for following vlog as the Sharer Family will continue discovering this abandoned ghost ship!!

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