Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison

Get ready for a game-changing podcast that is sure to shake up the hip-hop world. Suge Knight, the infamous Death Row mogul, is about to make his voice heard from behind prison bars with his new podcast, “Collect Call With Suge Knight.” In partnership with Breakbeat Media CEO and The Source magazine founder, Dave Mays, Suge plans to tackle the beef and controversies surrounding his name while providing an authentic perspective on important topics in the hip-hop community. With weekly episodes dropping soon, including conversations with old and new artists, this podcast promises to be a must-listen for hip-hop fans worldwide. Stay tuned for the official launch on Halloween ’23!


In an unexpected turn of events, Suge Knight, the infamous Death Row Records mogul, is set to launch a groundbreaking podcast from the confines of his prison cell. Titled ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’, this podcast aims to not only provide an intriguing perspective on the hip hop industry but also serve as a means for Knight to reconnect with the younger generation and share his wisdom and experiences. In this article, we will dive deep into the significance of Suge Knight’s voice in the hip hop community, explore the background of his incarceration, and discuss the format, topics, and distribution of his upcoming podcast.

Background Information

Before delving into the details of Suge Knight’s podcast, it is crucial to understand the context behind his incarceration and his immense influence in the music industry. Knight, known for co-founding Death Row Records and managing the careers of iconic artists such as Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre, has had a tumultuous journey in the spotlight. His involvement in various feuds and controversies has garnered significant attention over the years. Despite his legal troubles, Knight’s impact on hip hop cannot be overlooked, making his perspective a highly sought-after voice in the industry.

Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison

The Podcast: ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’

The podcast, ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’, is a collaborative effort between Knight and Breakbeat Media CEO and The Source magazine founder, Dave Mays. With already five episodes recorded, each featuring half-hour conversations, the podcast promises to provide an authentic and unfiltered account of Knight’s thoughts and experiences. It aims to cover a wide range of topics pertaining to hip hop, addressing the artists and pundits who have used Knight’s name for headlines as well as touching upon Snoop Dogg’s ownership of the Death Row brand.

Episode Format and Release Schedule

Each episode of ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ will follow a specific format, providing a comprehensive and engaging listening experience. The duration of each episode will be around half an hour, ensuring that the content remains concise and impactful. The podcast will have a weekly release schedule, with audio episodes dropping on Thursdays and video episodes on Fridays. This regular cadence will allow audiences to anticipate Knight’s insights and perspectives on a consistent basis.

Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison

Topics Covered on the Podcast

In his podcast, Knight plans to address a multitude of topics, presenting his thoughts and opinions in an unfiltered manner. Some of the areas likely to be covered include his response to artists and hip hop pundits who have mentioned him for headlines, his perspective on Snoop Dogg’s ownership of the Death Row brand, and insights into his feuds and relationships with artists such as Master P, Wack 100, Warren G, and Akon. Knight’s willingness to discuss these topics openly and honestly will undoubtedly provide listeners with a new understanding of his experiences and contributions to the hip hop industry.

Connectivity with Younger Generation

One of the key objectives of ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ is to establish a connection with the younger generation of artists and listeners. Knight acknowledges the importance of sharing his experiences and lessons with aspiring artists, aiming to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations in the hip hop community. By engaging with younger artists on the podcast, Knight hopes to create a platform where both knowledge and inspiration can be shared, ultimately benefiting the future of hip hop.

Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison

Involvement of Older Artists

While Knight’s podcast aims to connect with the younger generation, it also recognizes the significance of involving older artists. The podcast provides an opportunity for these esteemed individuals to share their wisdom and advice, creating a space where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged. This collaborative effort between older and younger artists not only exposes the younger generation to valuable insights but also allows older artists to stay engaged and relevant within the industry.

Q&A Segment with Audience

‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ will feature a Q&A segment, enabling listeners to actively participate in the podcast. Knight and Mays plan to engage with the audience through questions, selecting and addressing them on the show. This interactive element allows the podcast to become a dynamic and engaging platform, offering listeners a chance to have their inquiries answered directly by Knight. The process for submitting questions will be communicated to the audience, further enhancing the connection between the podcast and its listeners.

Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison

Podcast Distribution

To ensure widespread accessibility, ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ will be distributed on all major platforms. Audio episodes will be released on Thursdays, while video episodes will be released on Fridays. This diverse distribution strategy caters to different audience preferences, allowing listeners to engage with the podcast through their preferred medium. By reaching a wide range of listeners, Knight’s podcast has the potential to make a significant impact on the hip hop community.

Suge Knight’s Stance on Keefe D

In light of his involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight’s stance on Keefe D, a key figure in the case, is of great interest. However, it is important to note that Knight has made it clear that he has no intention of discussing this topic or snitching on Keefe D during the podcast. While this specific aspect may not be directly addressed, Knight’s podcast is expected to touch upon various other intriguing subjects that will undoubtedly captivate the audience.

Suge Knight Launches Podcast From Prison


Suge Knight’s podcast launch from prison marks a significant development in the hip hop community. With ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’, Knight aims to share his unfiltered thoughts, experiences, and perspectives on a diverse range of topics. By engaging with both the younger and older generations of artists, as well as involving the audience through a Q&A segment, Knight’s podcast promises to be an immersive and unparalleled listening experience. As Knight’s voice reaches beyond the confines of his prison cell, the impact of his words on the hip hop industry and its listeners remains to be seen.

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