Using Google Image Search to catch scammers on social media

Being a nerd causes me to have a suspicion of any pretty girl that talks to me. Being online makes me suspicious of ugly girls that talk to me. (There are no girls on the Internet.) So, when someone like the girl in this photo shows up trying to friend me on Facebook, my instant reaction it to not trust them. (Unless they need to know how to fix their computer.) In this video, I show how to use Google image search as I use it to find out where this photo came from. This is useful if you see a photo online and want to find out the story behind it. Be careful, photos of these women will often find porn sites, but there are legitimate uses for the technique shown here. Often when on a forum, I will find a photo of a common every day thing, and wonder where it came from. It’s just funnier to mix a little self-deprecating humor into this video tutorial.

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