Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

Despite having an apparent new girlfriend, Dean McDermott still refers to Tori Spelling as the “love of my life” on his Instagram bio. The couple, who announced their divorce in June after 17 years of marriage, seem to be on different paths as McDermott was recently seen holding hands with Lily Calo while entering the Department of Social Services. Despite the new romance, McDermott’s Instagram bio remains a testament to his enduring love for Spelling. It remains to be seen what the future holds for McDermott and Spelling, but their relationship continues to be a topic of interest and speculation.

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

Dean McDermott’s Instagram bio shows love for Tori Spelling

In a surprising move, Dean McDermott, despite having an apparent new girlfriend, still refers to his estranged wife, Tori Spelling, as the “love of my life” in his Instagram bio. This display of affection contradicts the rumors of his new relationship and raises questions about the current state of their marriage.

The fact that McDermott continues to publicly express his love for Spelling raises eyebrows and leaves fans wondering if there is still hope for a reconciliation. It is unclear why McDermott would make such a statement if he is involved with someone else. Perhaps there are still unresolved feelings or a desire to maintain a positive image in the public eye.

McDermott seen with apparent new girlfriend

Despite claiming Tori Spelling is the love of his life, recent photographs show Dean McDermott holding hands with Lily Calo, presumably his new girlfriend. The images were taken outside the Department of Social Services in Los Angeles, suggesting that McDermott and Calo have become more serious in their relationship.

The presence of a new woman in McDermott’s life raises questions about the status of his marriage to Spelling. Are these hand-holding photos an indication of a permanent split, or is McDermott simply enjoying the company of a friend? Only time will tell.

Unclear how long McDermott and Calo have been dating

The duration of Dean McDermott’s relationship with Lily Calo remains unknown. The couple was also spotted together last week while working on a new project, which suggests that their connection may be more than just a casual fling. However, without a clear timeline, it is impossible to determine the seriousness of their relationship.

The uncertainty surrounding McDermott and Calo’s dating timeframe adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding their connection. Fans are left wondering if this new relationship played a role in the demise of McDermott’s marriage to Tori Spelling.

McDermott and Spelling’s divorce announcement

In June of this year, Dean McDermott shocked fans by announcing his divorce from Tori Spelling. The news came as a surprise to many, as there had been no previous indication of marital issues between the couple. After 17 years of marriage and five children together, McDermott and Spelling decided to go their separate ways.

The divorce announcement saddened fans and left them questioning the reasons behind the split. McDermott and Spelling had been a fixture in Hollywood for years, and their seemingly happy marriage had been admired by many. Now, their relationship appears to be irreparably damaged.

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

Financial struggles for Tori Spelling

Following the divorce announcement, Tori Spelling faced significant financial struggles. She and her children were forced to move into a motel and later an RV due to toxic mold in their home. The sudden change in living conditions was a stark contrast to the comfortable lifestyle the couple had previously enjoyed.

Spelling’s financial difficulties shed light on the challenges many celebrities face when it comes to maintaining their wealth. Despite their fame and success, they are not immune to financial hardships. This situation serves as a reminder that even seemingly glamorous lives can be plagued by financial instability.

McDermott’s living situation

While Tori Spelling and her children faced financial hardships, Dean McDermott’s living situation appeared to be more stable. He reportedly moved out of the family home in June, but there have been no reports of him experiencing the same financial difficulties as Spelling.

McDermott’s ability to maintain a more stable living situation adds another layer of complexity to the divorce and raises questions about the fairness of the division of assets. Fans wonder if there is more to the story or if McDermott’s financial stability is merely a result of his own success.

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

Insider claims Tori Spelling arranged situation for sympathy

According to an insider close to Dean McDermott, he believes that Tori Spelling orchestrated their financial struggles for sympathy. The source alleges that McDermott feels angered by Spelling’s actions and believes she is behaving immaturely.

These accusations add a new level of drama to an already complicated situation. If true, it would suggest that McDermott feels betrayed by Spelling’s actions and that their divorce is even messier than previously thought. However, without further evidence, it is difficult to determine the veracity of these claims.

McDermott’s perspective on Spelling’s actions

While McDermott has not publicly commented on the allegations that Spelling arranged their financial struggles, his silence speaks volumes. If he truly believes that Spelling acted selfishly, it would explain his seemingly contradictory actions of still referring to her as the “love of his life” while pursuing a new relationship.

McDermott’s perspective on Spelling’s actions remains unknown, but it is clear that their divorce has been anything but amicable. The situation continues to evolve, leaving fans eager to learn more about the inner workings of their relationship.

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

McDermott’s current relationship status

With the presence of Lily Calo in Dean McDermott’s life, it is evident that his relationship status has changed since announcing his divorce from Tori Spelling. However, the exact nature of his relationship with Calo remains a mystery.

Fans are left to speculate about the seriousness of McDermott’s newly formed connection and wonder if it played a role in the demise of his marriage. The ongoing evolution of McDermott’s romantic life adds a layer of intrigue to an already captivating story.


The story of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling’s relationship continues to unfold, captivating fans and leaving them with more questions than answers. McDermott’s contradictory actions and statements regarding Spelling, coupled with the introduction of Lily Calo into his life, have raised eyebrows and fueled speculation.

As the public awaits further developments, it is clear that McDermott’s relationship status is in flux. Only time will tell how this story will ultimately conclude, and whether McDermott and Spelling can find a way to reconcile or if they will remain apart. Whatever the outcome, their journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of love and relationships, even in the glare of the public eye.

Dean McDermott still calls Tori Spelling ‘love of my life’ despite having an apparent new girlfriend

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